Saturday, August 14, 2010


One rainy weekend in June I drove up to Salt Lake to visit my mom as a mother’s day gift. I was excitedly calling a few of my friends (mistake #1) to tell them the good news that we’re expecting. And, I got chatting, and I noticed my exit just in time to get off… so I decided to take it (mistake # 2). I hydroplaned and spun around and hit the barrier wall on the off-ramp in just the right spot to total the car. For probably a few reasons, I felt very safe and protected… it was such a huge blessing to not have been hurt at all, especially with a little one inside me.

This is the new car! It's an Acura TL. It may have a few too many miles on it, but we’ll cross our fingers and hope it runs as good as Josh’s old civic.
Our insurance was awesome… Definitely recommend them to anyone! They let me drive a brand new Camero
for free for a couple of weeks and paid us more for the replacement on our car than it we could have sold it for. They were fast and great to work with. (Not to mention they give you a 40% discount on their already low rate for having good credit.) We ended up saving a lot of the check for the house we’ll be wanting a little over a year from now.