Monday, July 26, 2010

It's true...

Now that I'm over the 3 month mark, I think it's time to document that we're having a baby! We are so excited for little Abigail or James to come to our family.

Getting pregnant is not at all what I expected it to be like. Everyone we're related to gets pregnant the moment they decide they want a baby, or before then... So we thought we'd be the same way, but after 9 months of trying and wondering what the heck was wrong I sheduled an appointment with Dr. Chalmers to see what was up. We had a nice chat about the reasons that were causing our infirtility and at the end of the appointment he suggested I take a pregnancy test just in case. When he came back with the results he was trying hard to hide the grin on his face, but excitedly told me I was "prepregnant"!

My mom, who by the way, knew I was pregnant before I did, had TERRIBLE pregancies so I was bracing myself for the worst, but I've felt great! I think Unisom and B6 helped me a ton. I've just been more tired and picky when it comes to food, but that's about it. :) I don't think it's very fair that some people spend a good portion of their year on the bathroom floor and some feel great, but I'll take it!

I couldn't help but tell everyone about our good news pretty early on, and it's about time I tell my blog.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


We took our boat to Lake Powell for the first time for the fourth of July.
 Dustin, Kathryn and their cute kids came too.

Jack didn't love his lifejacket, or the heat, or the rocking boat, or the stickers in the sand...
But he loved being nakey in the shade!
We planned on going out early saturday morning, and pretty sure the only thing I had ready at about midnight friday night was that our towels were clean and ready to go!  
It was comical riding with Grant and Annie at the same time, cuz Grant wanted to go faster and Annie wanted slower, so we tried to make it work, but our poor driver was getting mixed signals.
The girls...

We got an old wakeboard at a garage sale, but it was crappy, so we gave it to the DI. So, it's forced us to waterski, something I'd never really tried before. I picked it up pretty easy, so I thought slaloming would be easy too... Josh makes it looks like it is,  but I couldn't get up! Lame...
This is us, all smiles before our boat trailer kindof exploded on our way home. Powell is always fun, but I don't think I've ever been there and back without some kind of mechanical issue.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Chase and Danita had a sleepover in our guest room so the boys could wake up early and go fishing. They didn't cach anything but we had a nice Saturday out at the lake.