Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What we've been up to...

Josh's parents leave on their mission June 7th to Brazil, so we've been helping get their house ready for us to move in. I've loved organizing and cleaning over there. We're excited to have our own place with a yard! They're giving us a home-improvement allowance, and I literally can't wait to get started. This will be my first attempt painting on my own. Any tips?

We put an offer on a house in Ivins, but alas, the $8,000 credit is over so we'll postpone the American Dream for another 18 months.
I ventured out and I got some bangs! I have had the same hair since I was a junior in high school, so it was overdue. It's a couple inches shorter too and it feels so fresh.

Baby Jack turned one and we had a fun party for him. I love this boy. Is it normal for babies to smile at you every time you smile at them?... 'Cause he does that, and I hope I have a baby as cute as him someday.

Kathryn, the proud mom/roommate of mine made everything you see here. It was so well done. (Lots of prep work was done weeks in advance.) I'm learning a lot from her. I'm so lucky to have her for a sister-in-law!

We hiked emerald pools in Zion National Park
 with our friends from the ward, Jon and Kate (minus 8)

It's been a long time since I had a favorite TV show. My last one I can remember would be Power Rangers... But I have a love for this one: Community! It secretly reminds me of Dixie even though I have too much school pride to admit it openly (oh wait... I think I just did admit it openly). a DVR is a must with this one becuase there is so much humor packed into little bursts and it's very necessary to rewind and play again to "get it" all.

Last thing to mention would be my change of work life. My little cleaning business size has shrunk to a teeny business, and so now I'm actually doing the cleaning.  I still get benefits at Allconnect even though I'm only part-time, and so it's a really good set-up for now.

 Yup, that's our "closet" in the background. We don't have a real closet, but it works!