Monday, March 15, 2010

a little world of luxury

February 21, 2010. 8:12 am. We dressed for comfort. Donning flip-flops and sweats, we headed to Las Vegas. Instead of dreading a long day at work, we could hardly contain our excitement.

Just when we needed it the most, we got to escape reality and cruise the Carribbaan!
My parents gave us the cruise for our christmas present. (arguably one of the best weeks of my life)
This was Josh's first cruise, and so he was surpised to see that the rooms do allow for two people to sleep comfortably.
We were committed to never-ever taking the elevator, so this was a familiar scene. (embarrassingly, our calves actually got sore!)
Flow- Ridin the FLOWRIDER
Formal nights
Here's the rest of our group on deck. Aaron and Krissy (cousins)
Dave and Susan (aunt and uncle- Jessica and krissy's parents) Tad and Jessica (cousins).
Pretty sure Josh pinched my bum right there, hence his mischevious smile...
Ice skating... on a rocking boat. Needless to say, there were a few minor injuries and lots of laughs :)
Seventies Dance Party on the Promenade
EatingMore eating. This documents the one time I actually got hungry! I was always too full at the time they served sushi, so I forced myself to only eat only 2 or 3 items at the Cafe for lunch and later that afternoon I kinda liked the feeling of hunger. I loved the sushi more.
This was our dining room with all the dining staff on parade.

The shows were unbelievable! This is actually one man dancing.

At the end of the cruise, our cruise director went over the top ten
silly questions real people had asked that week on the ship.
My personal favorites were "Do these stairs go up... or down?"
and "What elevation are we at?"       ...He He :)