Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Bless you!"

"Bless you" and your family this Christmas season! We just delivered the majority of our neighbor gifts. (they're Kleenex boxes). We enjoy the tradition each year even though it can get a little time-consuming. I thought the tissues were a cute idea. I figure pretty much every family will use them these coming months.

One of Josh's high school friends had their annual "Eggnogger" party. We played the white elephant game and some how Josh and I ended up with all the sexy gag-gifts brought to the party: we got some warming lube, dice, some huge panties, and sexpanther cologne... kinda funny. ;)

We went ice-skating last night and it was so fun! Skating is one of my favorite things to do, and it's so cool now that they do it outside. They'll be doing it til the end of January at the Sunbowl. Go have a blast before it's gone!

I couldn't quite reach down there to tie the laces. Yeah, that's when you know you're 8 months along!

My parents are having us sell this awesome beemer. (They figured St. George would be easier to find a buyer since it's not exactly made for the snow). Luxury cars are going for way under bluebook, so if you know of anyone that wants a steal on an awesome car, have em call me! It's an '04 with all the upgrades and only 64,000 miles. $14,900 is the asking price, and it bluebooks at around $17,000. Great condition, and fun to drive!

8 months!

My baby shower was so fun. Thank you to all the friends and family that supported us. I always feel a little overwhelmed at these. You people are too nice! The food was quite gourmet, the ABC decor was absolutely adorable, and the gifts were all so helpful and CUTE! We are feeling pretty ready for her to come! My aching back is feeling very ready as well. We just hope to make it up to Salt Lake for Christmas, and then if we come home with a baby, we'd love it! Chances are though I've got at least another 4 or 5 weeks.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting ready for the baby!

Josh was such a good sport and put this changing table together for me. The pieces spread over 2 rooms, and only took like 3 hours to put together. He had a warm-up putting together our crib a couple of weeks ago. I totally lucked out :)
 I had a vision of the changing table I wanted and I was just going to refinish an old dresser to do it, but then I found this on my work's online store that I'd earned a bunch of credit to, and haven't ever bought anything with it yet. It was almost exactly what I was planning on making!
Pregancy update... The baby is still quite active! Sometimes I wonder what in the world she could be doing in there! I picture her doing cartwheels..? All I know is when it's time for us to go to bed, that's when the party starts for her. We love watching and feeling her. Josh talks to her and she almost always responds with a friendly kick.
7 months! I think my tummy looks a little lumpy here, but I'm happy 'cause it's growing!
A few other things we've done recently with the house...

I'm a huge fan of Krylon oil-rubbed bronze spray paint- that's what I used on the shelf. I love how I don't feel like there's a mess to hide in there now. 

This room was complete chaois for the first few months we lived there, and so this was a huge improvement. I made these cute labels for everything. I used to just plop a whole grocery bag on a random shelf :) Now we can actually find things in there!

I wish I would have shown the light fixture in the "before" picture. It was white, probably from when they built the house about 1991? My parents were getting rid of the fixture and mirror, so I accepted the hand-me-down. Don't ask about the experience putting up the light... Not our favorite activity.

I spraypainted the white curtain rod and plasticy curtain loops with the oil-rubbed bronze paint and they look way nicer!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Our ward had a trunk or treat Saturday afternoon with soup and rolls and a carnival. Josh surprisingly wanted to dress up, and of course I was all for it, but when we got there we were one of the only adults dressed up. Oh well... We looked awesome! Shopping for candy I guessed there's maybe 35 kids in the primary, and they won't all show up, so I'll get the 45-candy bag ... That'll be safe. I needed over 100! Thankfully, Family Dollar is across the street, so Josh ran over for me. But, for a good portion I just had to tell the kids to come back. And you bet they did!

It felt a little weird picking out costumes this year, cuz I have this belly that makes me a pregnant devil, or a pregnant whatever... Luckily my friend Whitney had a "red-neck/white trash" party in her garage and everyone showed up pregnant to that. We had IBC rootbeer and fake cigarettes all over the place. We ate mac and cheese and hot-dogs and everything was served some trashy container. They even had a toilet seat for us to use for playing horseshoes. Very fun idea :)

My shirt says "baby girl" and Josh's is one we've been using as a rag... the cream soda made josh very happy.
Momma Jenn skull, Daddy Josh skull, and Baby Abby skull.

The other pumpkins are Chase and Danita's. I tried to find a setting on my camera that didn't have to flash so you could see how our pumpkins lit up, but it just made it really blurry. I finally figured the flash out after our pumpkins had wilted. Josh is actually quite talented at pumpkin carving; his turned out basically perfect. I'm glad to take this tradition from my family  into our own.

Friday, October 29, 2010

2 loves

I have a new-found love... We decided to try Intajuice with our DixieDirect card last week. I could eat a smoothie everyday, but Josh on the other hand, would rather not. Ever. I was glad when we finally went there together, Josh found this favorite treat from Hawaii... Acai Bowls! 
You have to ask for them to drizzle some honey on it, but it is AMAZING! (and healthy, loaded with antioxidants... they don't load up on the sugar like jamba etc does).  If you ever want a tasty treat, this is sure to please even smoothie-haters.

Love #2: St. George Farmers Market on Ancestor Square. A guy in my ward was telling me they make this really unique jewelry out of old machinery (he is like Mr. popular there). They have way fresh produce for cheap, it's unreal. Crunchy, golden delicious apples for 50 cents a lb, huge squash and weird-looking cucumbers. All delicious. It's kinda fun to see all they have and get out there on a Saturday morning. (fyi, you can go from 8-12) I think tomorrow is their last day til the spring though. 'Til next year!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

my happy pillow

No, it's not a pregnancy body pillow... But I picked up the base at a garage sale for a buck, and then made the flower to go on it from some scrap fabric and a favorite earing that lost its mate. Every time I pass by our guest bedroom, it makes me smile. I just like it! I may just have to start a collection...

Oh, and here's the 6 month belly shot!

Monday, September 20, 2010

the baby belly/random stuff

3 months...                4 months...
5 months...
We visited Kolob in August and I LOVED it! 
I had been craving some fresh, crisp air and I got it.
It was cold enough to make a fire. We made salsa, fished at the reservior, ate yummy tinfoil dinners and read these books... 

This is a Josh-alope. We had a dozen or so of these grow in our garden. They are a freak of nature, and most of them taste and look just like really yummy cantalope inside.
 We love homemade pizza! We doubled with Valerie and Ryan... Sorry no photo of them, but... Anyway, their pizza turned out like a giant blob that literally took over an hour and a half to become edible-ish. Lesson learned... If you're using rhodes roll dough, the crust should be much thinner than you would think.

We loved kolob so much that we went up again and took the Williams fam with us. Highlights- bikeride to lookout point, getting stuck in mud up to my knees on our morning walk that turned into an accidental adventure, sleeping in the most comfortable bed ever, intense bean bag competition, dense french toast that turned out amazing from the homemade bread that wouldn't rise, yoga on the balcony, beautiful drive down to church... I think that's about it!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


One rainy weekend in June I drove up to Salt Lake to visit my mom as a mother’s day gift. I was excitedly calling a few of my friends (mistake #1) to tell them the good news that we’re expecting. And, I got chatting, and I noticed my exit just in time to get off… so I decided to take it (mistake # 2). I hydroplaned and spun around and hit the barrier wall on the off-ramp in just the right spot to total the car. For probably a few reasons, I felt very safe and protected… it was such a huge blessing to not have been hurt at all, especially with a little one inside me.

This is the new car! It's an Acura TL. It may have a few too many miles on it, but we’ll cross our fingers and hope it runs as good as Josh’s old civic.
Our insurance was awesome… Definitely recommend them to anyone! They let me drive a brand new Camero
for free for a couple of weeks and paid us more for the replacement on our car than it we could have sold it for. They were fast and great to work with. (Not to mention they give you a 40% discount on their already low rate for having good credit.) We ended up saving a lot of the check for the house we’ll be wanting a little over a year from now.

Monday, July 26, 2010

It's true...

Now that I'm over the 3 month mark, I think it's time to document that we're having a baby! We are so excited for little Abigail or James to come to our family.

Getting pregnant is not at all what I expected it to be like. Everyone we're related to gets pregnant the moment they decide they want a baby, or before then... So we thought we'd be the same way, but after 9 months of trying and wondering what the heck was wrong I sheduled an appointment with Dr. Chalmers to see what was up. We had a nice chat about the reasons that were causing our infirtility and at the end of the appointment he suggested I take a pregnancy test just in case. When he came back with the results he was trying hard to hide the grin on his face, but excitedly told me I was "prepregnant"!

My mom, who by the way, knew I was pregnant before I did, had TERRIBLE pregancies so I was bracing myself for the worst, but I've felt great! I think Unisom and B6 helped me a ton. I've just been more tired and picky when it comes to food, but that's about it. :) I don't think it's very fair that some people spend a good portion of their year on the bathroom floor and some feel great, but I'll take it!

I couldn't help but tell everyone about our good news pretty early on, and it's about time I tell my blog.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


We took our boat to Lake Powell for the first time for the fourth of July.
 Dustin, Kathryn and their cute kids came too.

Jack didn't love his lifejacket, or the heat, or the rocking boat, or the stickers in the sand...
But he loved being nakey in the shade!
We planned on going out early saturday morning, and pretty sure the only thing I had ready at about midnight friday night was that our towels were clean and ready to go!  
It was comical riding with Grant and Annie at the same time, cuz Grant wanted to go faster and Annie wanted slower, so we tried to make it work, but our poor driver was getting mixed signals.
The girls...

We got an old wakeboard at a garage sale, but it was crappy, so we gave it to the DI. So, it's forced us to waterski, something I'd never really tried before. I picked it up pretty easy, so I thought slaloming would be easy too... Josh makes it looks like it is,  but I couldn't get up! Lame...
This is us, all smiles before our boat trailer kindof exploded on our way home. Powell is always fun, but I don't think I've ever been there and back without some kind of mechanical issue.