Saturday, November 28, 2009


My dad's side of the family had our reunion over thanksgiving. Technically it was Josh's holiday, so we were running back and forth- but it was so good to see everyone. We feel so lucky and blessed to have the family we do.
Josh's mom gave me this cute idea, and they were such a hit with our little cousins! I wasn't too happy to find that the stores skipped right to Christmas a little premature (for my liking), so the only candy corn I could find was red and geen.
BBT baby! Bean bag toss was one of our competitive events, as well as Battle of the Genders (when we called it by it's real name we had a few cute little cousins get nervous about it)
We (all 35 of us... sorry no pics of the whole group) hiked around the narrows. It was great to get some fresh air and exercise after consuming a few too many calories the day earlier.

My brother Chase and I ran down the canyon. It was so refreshing!

My dad took all of these photos on his work camera. I'm hoping to inherit one of them if one were to get outdated or something... He takes the coolest shots!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Boating in November?

Gotta love St. George!
The first group of these pictures are posted in memory of summer... (AND because it takes me about 2 months to get them on here...)Look at those cute farmer's tans...
Eye-Eye Captian! I half-begged Josh not to get the boat, but I'm so glad we have it.
It's already been worth it! (We're 3-way owners with his dad and brother)
And, yes, the rest of these were truly
taken at Sand Hallow in November.
We camped out on the lake!
Anyone up for boating/camping in December?
While the boys fished away (they caught apprx 18 fishees!)
We rocked it at SUDOKU!
sleepin' on the boat.
It was such a beautiful night with a huge full moon,
so the lake has a cool, twilight-y feel to it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

woodbury pumpkin patch

'Arry Potta! (aka Harry Potter)

Josh had the swine flu (so we think) and so we stayed in the whole weekend and carved a couple pumpkins. It was actually kinda fun to stay cooped in for a change.


Josh turned 27! He has lots of gray hairs to show for it too, seriously! (He LOVES ketchup if you didn't already know, hence the gift.)