Saturday, October 10, 2009

The 2nd Annual Woodbury Reunion

Our immediate family had our reunion up in Kolob this past weekend.
Grandpa Woodbury actually built the cabin himself!

Josh and I rode on the same bike (yes, at the same time) down this beautiful road.

I was a 'yittle bit scared to go down the hills, but it was a blast.

We had 2 new additions (baby William and baby Jack) to our family this go-around and I was in heaven! They are all way too cute for me to handle.

I missed the first day and a half because I have mandatory training for my new job (that I love, by the way) but Josh told me how they made the smartest omelettes ever. You put all of your ingredients in a ziplosk bag (egg, cheese, veggies, whatev) and boil it! Easy clean-up and moist, delicious eggs that you can't burn!
As long as we're on the subject of family reunions... Here's a few pictures from our Hirschi reunion that I never got around to posting. Back in June we camped in Moab and these are pictures at the famous license plate arch....