Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gunlock Reservoir

For our last ward activity we went boating at Gunlock. We had Jimmy John's sandwiches, shredded it on the wakeboard, and even caught little fishies (which we named Gunner and Lockey) with our bare hands! We were the pround parents of our first pets... and then they died about 20 minutes later. We'll just forget about the last hour or so when I got so sick that I lost my lunch :( It was quite a feat to set this canopy up, so I just had to take a picture.
Chase and Danita Williams... Some of our very best friends!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

1 year anniversary

Our first anniversary was on July 19th and we were up American Fork Canyon for a family reunion on my side... and josh's-- What're the chances! So, since I'm not much of picture-taker these days, I'll just post the rest of our wedding pics. Finally! All sorted through.

Alexa was my little shadow through the night

My little brother Parker and his friends had a blast making everyone italian sodas. It was fun watching them!
This makes me tear up! Apparently, my dad cried for a couple hours after we left for the hotel...

What a perfect day. We had a nice breeze for the dancing.
I hoped we could have dancing at our "mormon" wedding, and it worked!

So, originally when I posted this I didn't write about this picture, but it is kind of funny, so I should write it out. So Chase and his band of decorators sealed up our car so much with packing tape that we could not get in! It was really uncomfortable having everyone watch us while we slowly found a way to open the doors and drive off. I'd envisioned everyone lighting the sparklers like we'd planned for our exit- that didn't quite happen- and I felt badly about the amount of work and mess that was left for family and friends to have to clean up. Just before we got the doors open my dress caught a gust of wind and everyone saw a full-on shot of my new temple garments. I was so embarrassed and had such a fluster of emotions, and so I cried on our way to the hotel. Sad, but true! I felt like we were so blessed to have such a beautiful wedding with so much support, but let's be honest, weddings are stressful these days! It was the best day ever because we started our family as 2 people that shared a perfect love for one another. And we were sealed together for ever, and it doesn't get any better than that!