Friday, February 27, 2009

Our little apartment

This random little post probably deserves an explanation. First of all, I have grown extremely attached to our home, and some day I'll enjoy looking back at our first apartment together. But the reason I'm posting it on my blog is because my cute Grandma Hobson (both of my grandmas are very cute) but she wanted to see how it turned out after we got all settled. Lastly- I love seeing everyone's home decor and have some funny/cool ideas I can share. So here it goes-- virtual tour of our little place!

We live upstairs in a 8-complex. You walk in, and you see our living room. Those couches I picked up off my aunt-- They used to be dirty, scratched up white leather! It took hours and hours to stain them, but they're softer and in much better condition now. Worth-while project for the most part.

Here's the opposite angle from the hall. Kathryn and I painted the coffee table in the middle of the room. ***Thank you to everyone (and especially my mom for finding killer deals on it all!) that helped buy furnishings for our wedding gifts.

Next is the dining area. (on the left when you walk in) I'm glad we were able to find a place big enough for a table so we can eat with company over!

I got the fresh tree branch idea from a new friend of mine (Madeline Anderson) in our college married ward. She got some tree branches outside that were just starting to bloom and just put them in a vase. I used to have an ivy star plant on this shelf, but it needed more sun, so I adopted her idea instead. PS- her apartment is so "anthropologie-chic."

From there, you see the kitchen.

Josh is getting used to my cooking ;)

Our laundry closet- complete with a paper reminder to change the lint screen on the dryer!

Down the hall is our bedroom. Thanks again to mom for finding all the furniture at RCWilley scratch and dent!
This pillow is a great tool for marital communication. Flip it over, and he knows that the mood is "not tonight" in cold black lettering. No discussion needed... OH IF IT WERE THAT SIMPLE :)

Josh can't wait until one day when he gets his own sink and drawers. No more sifting through 95% of my hair and skin products to find his 5%.

josh does most of the ironing. what a good boy...
When I first published this post, I didn't put pictures of the spare/office/den/guest/extra room because the pictures I took helped me realize how cluttery it was. I cleaned it up and now I'm finally posting it. Next job is to do something cute with our balcony.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wedding- temple pictures

Lenzworks (my dad's company) took our pictures, so instead of sorting them for me, they just handed me a ten-pound storage device that has like a million photos on them. It's taken me 7 months and 4 days to finally sort through them all, but better late than never!

Here's a precious moment to melt your heart: my favorite neice, Annie, asked me if I was a princess after we came out of the 'castle.'

My jumpdrive holds about one-tenth of the pictures I'd like it to, but hopefully I'll soon get my other favorites on here.