Friday, February 17, 2017

January 2017

We rang in the new year with some silly string on New Years Day :) Mom and Dad went to The Christensen's Party while Brielle babysat for NYE.

Yay! Enough snow to sled in, AND make a snowman!!!
It was warm enough to go without a coat though!
Feeding the ducks at Tontaquin Park... This is what we do if we're ever home-bound with sick kids... It's always a cloudy day when we come and it just feels right :)

The girls enjoyed it too, despite their serious faces here. 
January was GLOOMY! We only had a few sunny days, and it was wearing on me. I pulled down some of my fake flowers and put them out on the kitchen table- it helped a little bit! 
Sweet little Lila... She loves that bankee... 
A happy moment in the sun taking a walk with the Whitehead girls.  
Glad I get to eat lunch with my 6-year old every day! 
Picnic in January... why not?

Our Last Christmas in Salt Lake (probably)

Baby number 4 is on the way... Times are changing- next year we plan to start our own Christmas traditions! 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Break 2016

Early Christmas present: Jazz game! Such a great game and so fun to be there with my hubby so close to the court!

We opted to see the temple square lights instead of sitting in traffic :) great call.

Lila's ice-skates were too cute. We didn't get any pics of us on the ice--- we were a little busy calming screaming children. Abby actually LOVED it, Kate warmed up to it, and Lila... not so much. ;) 

We discovered the perfect spot to sled!!! Lone Peak Elementary. Lila and kate loved playing on the park in between rides on a HUGE fast hill! We brought hot chocolate and had so much fun before the sun set! 

I have a bunch of pics from my parents camera I hope to add soon, but for now... some is better than none!

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Happy Halloween! 
We have a doctor, a witch, and an angel this year :)
My mom was able to snap a few pics before we headed down to the neighborhood Halloween party. So fun to have her in town!
Elisha was so particularly funny to me that I felt very compelled to snap a pic.

Abby went trick-or-treating with Leilia and her family for the first bit. So glad they moved here this year and they can be in kindergarten together.

Thursday, September 8, 2016